Every piercing is important from a child's first lobe piercing to an extensive piercing project. That's why we provide a comprehensive service that includes follow-up care. We provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need, in a safe and sterile environment.

What Services Do You Provide?

  • Earlobe & ear cartilage piercings
  • Ear piercings for children under twelve
  • Nostril, septum & high-nostril piercings
  • Brow & bridge piercing
  • Lip, labret, beauty spot, vertical lip & Philltrum or Medusa piercing
  • Tongue, Smiley, Frowny, Tongue webbing & Horizontal Tongue piercing
  • Navel, Sternum, hip, nape & general surface piercings
  • Nipple & genital piercing for all genders
  • Dermal & Skin Diver insertion and removal
  • Thick gauge piercings
  • Piercing stretching
  • Jewellery changes, reinsertions and removal
  • Piercing consultations & check-ups