We are proud to house an extensive range of high quality jewellery in-store. This collection is owed to several amazing suppliers. We encourage you stop by to view our in-store range, and order catalogues to find your next, favourite piece of jewellery.

Brands & Suppliers

Don’t see what you want?

If you can’t find the specific piece you were after in store, please let us know! We provide a custom ordering service for our customers. Whether it is a specific item you have seen on a supplier's website or a general idea of what you want, we can discuss with you what will best suit your needs and how we may assist you in acquiring it. After the order is placed and your item has arrived, we will contact you to notify you that your item is ready for collection.

We do our best to provide customers with their special orders in a timely and affordable manner but there are some variations in shipping times and costs between suppliers that are unfortunately beyond our control. We thank you for your patience while awaiting your order.

Don't see your Favourite Brand?

At The Piercing Shop we are more than happy for you to use your own jewellery. If you wish to be pierced with your own jewellery please notify staff when making your appointment and arrive an hour prior to your appointment to allow the jewellery to be properly sterilised. We can also assist you in fitting new jewellery that you have purchased elsewhere. Changes do not require early arrival as they do not require full medical sterilisation.

It should be noted that not all jewellery is suitable for an initial piercing. Jewellery used for the initial piercing must allow room for swelling, be metal of surgical grade steel or higher, and be able to withstand the high temperatures required in the sterilisation process. These standards are for your safety and to ensure the best healing experience.