Everyone has the right to be pierced in a safe, sterile, and supportive environment. Your health and safety is our top priority. 


Our commitments to you

  • We will provide and maintain a safe and sterile piercing environment through a rigorous cleaning schedule.

  • All piercings will be performed with pre-sterilised, single-use needles.
  • All tools and jewellery are sterilised and sealed in dated packages prior to the procedure.

  • All sterile packages are opened by a piercer wearing disposable gloves over clean hands, so you can verify the proper precautions have been taken. 

  • All materials including needles and biological waste are disposed of responsibly in appropriate waste receptacles after every procedure.

  • The piercing chair and equipment tray is cleaned after every procedure.
  • All qualified piercers and trainees posses all appropriate qualifications in maintaining a sterile work environment and preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens and diseases.

  • All staff will conduct themselves in a responsible, supportive, and respectful manner and will never intentionally mislead or misinform you.

  • All staff are willing and able to assist you with any questions or concerns you have or refer you to a staff member that can.

  • You will be provided accurate information about your piercing, its risks, and how best to care for it.

  • You will be provided with a care sheet summarising the information you are given in person.

  • If complications arise during the initial healing period we will provide check-ups and guidance to assist you.

  • If complications during the initial procedure necessitate the removal the piercing we can provide a repiercing at no extra charge.

More information


All tools and jewellery are prepackaged and must undergo a successful sterilisation process using an ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave unit before use. To prevent cross contamination single-use needles are used for the initial incision then immediately disposed of safely in the appropriate bio-waste bin. Your piercer will wash their hands, apply disposable gloves and open the pre-sterilised equipment in front of you so you can confirm that appropriate precautions have been taken.



All piercings are performed with surgical grade steel or higher grade metals such as 14k gold or titanium, and undergoe a full medical sterilisation prior to the procedure. The initial jewellery is slightly longer in length to help prevent complications caused by swelling and pressure during the healing process. After the initial healing period shorter jewellery can be fitted and metals such as sterling silver can be worn, however those with nickel sensitivities are advised to only wear titanium or gold jewellery. If you are unsure what jewellery is right for you our qualified staff are there to assist you.


Care Sheets

A printed care sheet is provided with every service. While you may be familiar with caring for your piercing, we still recommend you still take this new sheet home as a refresher. The sheets are updated regularly to provide the most accurate information, so we suggest you take a new care sheet each time as may be some subtle differences.



Check-ups are available if you have trouble or concerns with any of your piercings during their healing process. If issues occur in the first weeks after your procedure we may perform a follow up at no cost. If some time has passed since your initial piercing, or you received the piercing elsewhere, you can book a check-up for a small fee that includes treatment and two follow up visits.